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Shared Information Diagram The technology developed and successfully utilized by business to generate revenue and profit will be fully leveraged to generate goodwill, understanding, and sharing by creating a centralized exchange, where creative matches are made between those with resources and those without them. We plan to bring the story and mission of these organizations to the attention of as many viewers of the World Wide Web as we possibly can, and in so doing, generate a new audience for them that will be the spring of resource exchange.
In partnering with
WorldInfoNow, a geocentric portal catering to the needs of global business and civic institutions, we will be ever-presented to the many visitors that they receive.
The state of the art technology and a flexi-dimensional approach to accessing data allow a sharing of information and resources to meet the unique needs of major sectors of society.

WorldInfoNow and ShareResourcesNow both build on experiences of the Hall of the States, business intelligence optimization, global sales solution, and the benefits of virtual integration.
In close collaboration with
WorldInfoNow and its content rich database of geocentric and business information, we are developing a global database of community-centric and community born organizations, whose main mission is to better the world, be it in their small corner of the world as a whole.
Wise use of this technology and shared platform provide a global forum for goodwill organizations all over the world, increasing not only their profile on the human stage, but also getting more and more people to see and understand their plight and needs, and subsequently, help them with contributions in the form of money, technical assistance, food, medical supplies, and other basic needs that those on the rich side of the world take for granted.