SHARING in a BOX Toolbar
Profile sample ShareResourcesNow will provide nonprofits an increased ability to harness and use the power of the World Wide Web as a tool for individual and collective good.
A unifying strength of ShareResourcesNow and
WorldInfoNow is embracing the philosophy of simplifying access to information from multiple sources in a unified point of reference. A flexi-dimensional platform provides the ability to easily search, browse, publish, and access information:
  • By Geographic Location
  • By Topic
  • By Provider
  • By Event   and more...
Targeted and relevant Information is presented in ready-to-use formats with source attribution. Utmost attention will be focused on collaboration and continuous development for this tool to be useful to persons with disabilities and persons and organizations with limited or special access needs.
A unique vehicle for awareness heightening will come in the form of an innovative and interactive tool bar that will highlight 10 organizations, representing various continents and needs. This toolbar, affectionately called "Sharing in a Box", will be placed on the
WorldInfoNow and ShareResourcesNow Web sites, and will invite the viewer to browse through and vote on an organization that has somehow touched them.
This is not a frivolous or empty vote, as it will be tallied at the end of the month at which time a donation of revenues from
WorldInfoNow and other potential sources will be "shared" with all of the organizations based on the percentage vote they received. In addition, each featured organization will have an option on their page to receive a direct donation from the viewer; therefore, increasing the sharing. On the page will also be links to other organizations similar in mission or in the same geographic area.
The "Sharing in a Box" bar will then be refreshed every month with new organizations featured, and an e-mail will be sent to the previous voters letting them know of the results of their vote, and to invite them to vote again on a new group of organizations worth their time and attention, ultimately, the resources that they might bring to this increasingly large table.